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Virtualization significantly increases the efficiency and availability of resources, applications, and data.  With the traditional one-to-one relationship between servers and applications, physical resources are underutilized and more time is lost managing servers. Moving to a virtual environment allows organizations to save on overall IT costs while increasing system reliability, availability, and flexibility.

What Is Virtualization? Virtualization is a proven software technology that allows you to run multiple virtual servers on a single physical machine, sharing resources and enabling greater availability and flexibility.  The technology simplifies IT so that companies can more effectively utilize their storage, network, and computing resources to control costs and respond faster.

With virtualization, hardware management is no longer tied on a one-to-one relationship with software management. Hardware equipment is treated as a single pool of processing, storage, and networking power which can be allocated on the fly to various software services. In a virtual infrastructure, users see resources as if they were dedicated to them – while administrators gain the ability to efficiently manage and optimize resources to serve the needs of the business.

Why Virtualize? Virtualization reduces IT costs while increasing efficiency, utilization and flexibility.

  • Reduce capital costs by consolidating servers and reducing hardware expenditures.
  • Extend server utilization, which requires fewer resources to manage.
  • Improve flexibility by being able to quickly provision new virtual servers as needed.
  • Increase availability for improved business continuity.  Eliminate planned downtime, securely backup virtual environments with no interruption in service and recover more quickly from unplanned issues.

Virtualization is not just for the Fortune 500 anymore.  Small businesses are adopting virtualization and achieving significant benefits in a number of areas, specifically:

  • Time spent on routine IT administrative tasks
  • Ability to respond to changing business needs
  • Backup and data protection
  • Application availability
  • Business continuity preparedness
  • Company profitability and growth rates

With the free availability of Microsoft® Hyper-V and VMware® ESXi  as well as cost effective SAN products like the DroboPro and DroboElite, the enterprise class benefits of virtualization are well within the reach of small business.  Contact us to learn more about affordable virtualization solutions for your small business.

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